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Step 1.

dsc00058• Just call in or phone to make a booking to brew.
• The minimum volumes you can brew is 50 litres. (6 cartons x 24 x 345ml)

dsc00064• At your appointment time, come in & select a beer from our extensive range of over 130 beers.

dsc00068• Our staff will give you a recipe of your choice. You then measure our quality ingredients into containers supplied that are added at the appropiate time.

dsc00069• After brewing time of approx 60 minutes, your brew will be ready to transfer into a fermentor, where you will pitch the yeast to start the fermanting process.
• Total time taken for the complete brewing experience should be less than 1 1/2 hours.

dsc00072• You now need to make a date/time for bottling, minimum of two weeks from brewing date.
• Payment at this point is required.